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Lady Gaga Wallpapers, Widescreen, Full HD, 1920 x 1200, 1920 x 1080

Lady Gaga Wallpapers, Widescreen, Full HD, 1920 x 1200, 1920 x 1080 Photos Art Gallery

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanwings Otta (born Mar. 28, 1986 (24 years ago)), best known as Lady Gaga, is a musician and dancer. She began her career as a songwriter for established artists, like Fergie (19 pics), Pussycat Dolls (11 pics), Britney Spears (80 pics), New Kids on the Block and singer / producer Akon. After Akon noticed that she had talent, he signed her on his own label, Kon Live Distribution. After that she began to work on their debut album.

Their debut album The Fame came out in 2008 (2 years ago), and, as she explained, is about "how anyone can feel famous." Until now, the album has been reached on the international charts with the hit singles "Just Dance" and "Poker Face". Gaga has been influenced by glam rockers like David Bowie and Queen, but also Popmusikere as Michael Jackson (60 pics) and Madonna.
1986-2005: Early life

Gaga was born with the name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanwings Otta in Yonkers, New York, with Italian-American parents. Her father, Joseph Germanwings Otta, is an internet entrepreneur, and her mother, Cynthia, works as a telecommunication assistant. [ 6] She is their oldest child. When she was around eleven years, would Gaga begin Juilliard School in Manhattan, but instead she started at the private school, Catholic School of the Sacred Heart. Gaga had learned to play the piano since she was four years, and wrote his first piano ballad when she was 13 years old, and began performing at "open mic nights" when she was 14. When she was 17 she started at Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied music. [10 ] She improved writing skills by composing styles and analytical documents that focused on themes such as art, religion and socio-political order. She, however, apart from New York University. When she was 20, she began to work for Interscope Records as a songwriter, where she wrote songs for pop stars like Pussycat Dolls (11 pics). After she moved out from her parents' house, began Gaga performing in Lower East Side Club "scene" with the band Mackin Pulsifer and SGBand. She wanted to differentiate itself from the typical rock and roll lifestyle, so she chose to focus on pop music. When she talked about her father's reaction to dopbruket and the performance of her burlesque shows, she said: "He could not see the me on a couple of months... I had on my leather-tangaer, so it was hard for him - he knew not. " At the same time Gaga began a relationship with a heavy-metal drummer named Luke. In May 2009-issue of Rolling Stone described Gaga their relationship and the way they beat up on that "I was his Sandy, he was my Danny, and I was crushed." Later he was an inspiration behind the songs on debut album The Fame.

Gaga artist got his name when the music producer Rob Fusari compared to the vocal style of her with Freddie Mercury, and took the name from the single Gaga Queen released in 1984 (26 years ago), "Radio Ga-Ga". It was Fusari who helped her write some of her earlier hits, like "Disco Heaven", "Dirty Ice Cream", and "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich".

2006-2007: Career start

Gaga was originally signed to Def Jam when she was 19 years old, which occurred after LA Reid heard her sing when she walked down the hall from his office. However Gaga alleges that Reid never met her. "" I used to wait outside his office for hours, while I hoped that he would arrange meetings with me about the songs, but that never happened. " Reid kicked Gaga from the company after three months. Some years later, she discovered by Vincent Herbert, who in Jan. 2008 (2 years ago) signed her to Interscope. He was impressed with her skills. Several artists her employees as a songwriter, as Akons label Konvict Muzik, Fergie (19 pics), Pussycat Dolls (11 pics), Britney Spears (80 pics) and New Kids On the Block. Gaga also attracted interest from Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine, in early 2007 (3 years ago). He offered her a contract by Streamline / Interscope and kompanjerte her along with singer / songwriter Akon. It was Akon, who heard her sing a reference vocal on one of his songs, which found that the Gaga also had a singing talent. Akon persuaded Finally Jimmy Iovine to sign her a contract on his own label, Kon Live Distribution. Throughout 2007 (3 years ago), the cooperation Gaga Lady Starlight, which helped her to create sceneantrekkene her. The pair began playing small shows at clubs in the city, as the Mercury Lounge, The Bitter End, and Rockwood Music Hall, with his live performance "Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue". Reviewed as "the Ultimate Pop Burlesque Rock Show", was their performances as a low-fi tribute to the 1970 (40 years ago) vaudeville show. In Aug. 2007 (3 years ago), was Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue invited to play on the U.S. music festival Lollapalooza, where they shocked the audience with his wild behavior. The show got their rather poor reviews.

First, she focused on avant-garde, electronic dance music. Gaga later found his musical niche when she began to incorporate pop melodies and David Bowie and Queens vintage glam-rock into the mix. "Queen and David Bowie was the key for me... I did not know what to do before I discovered Bowie and Queen, "says Gaga. "When I played in rock clubs in New York, thinks many record labels that I was too theatrical. But when I went to audition for musicals, the producers said that I was too pop."

It was through her friendship with Akon that Gaga started working with her own new material for her debut album with producer redone. As she already had a solid collection of electro-glam-like David Bowie and Queen-inspired songs, would Gaga mix her retro dance beats with urban melodies and a poprefreng but still keep it with a little rock 'n' roll. The first song they produced was a mixture of Mötley Crüe's hit "Girls, Girls, Girls" and AC / DC 's song "TNT"

2008-present: The Fame

During 2008 (2 years ago), had Gaga omflyttet to Los Angeles, where she worked closely with the record company with her to finish her debut album The Fame. "The Fame is about how anyone can feel famous," she explains. "Pop culture is an art. It does not make you cool to hate pop culture, so I embraced it and you can hear it at all The Fame. However, there is a fordelbar fame. I want to invite everyone to the party. I want people to feel as a part of this lifestyle. " In this album, Gaga claimed that she" married "with many different genres," from Def Leppard drummer and hand-clap to the metal drums on urban songs. " Gaga started work with a community she called "Haus of Gaga," which cooperates with the "mouse" when it comes to their clothes, stage sets and music. "In this industry, you will get many stylists and producers threw at you, but this is my own creative team, modeled on Warhol's Factory. All that is under 26 years and we do everything together. The Fame received mostly positive reviews from critics, according to the music review unit to Metacritic, it has received an average score of 71 out of 100 Times Online described the album as "a wonderful mix of Bowie-style ballads, dramatic, Queen-inspired midtempo songs and synth-based dance songs like peas 'celebrity-chasing rich kids'. " The album's main single," Just Dance ", was released on Apr. 8, 2008 (2 years ago), and has reached the number 1 in 7 countries. One of the countries were the United States, where "Just Dance" began to be sent as radio airplay in October, and reached the number 1 in 2009 (last year). It was Gaga's first number 1 single in the United States. The second single, "Poker Face", was published 29. sep. 2008 (2 years ago), and has reached the number 1 in almost 20 countries, including almost all the major music markets in the world. "Poker Face" was Gaga's second number 1 single in a row on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in Apr. 2009 (last year).

The Fame reached the number 1 in Austria, Britain, Canada and Ireland, and number 4 in Australia. Later turned Haus of Gaga their focus towards the U.S. market , where Gaga would go on her first concert tour ever with Interscope-colleagues, the recently reformed New Kids On the Block. Gaga began the tour with New Kids On the Block in Los Angeles 8 Oct. 2008 (2 years ago), and continued to the end of November. She sang guest vocals on the song "Big Girl Now" from their album, The Block. In late Oct. 2008 (2 years ago), published Gaga The Fame in the U.S., where it debuted as Number 17 on the Billboard 200 In the first week it sold 24,000 copies, and later reached the number 4 In the global mount album has slgt 2.3 million copies.

5. dec. 2008 (2 years ago) was Gaga added on BBC's "Sound of 2009" list, which contains the best rising music stars. Gaga was confirmed that she would be with the Pussycat Dolls (11 pics) as the opening artist on their tour in Europe and Oceania. The concerts were held at venues from Jan. to May 2009 (last year). Tour started in Aberdeen, Scotland, 18 Jan. and ending in Perth, Australia, 30 May 2009 (last year). Gaga's single "Just Dance" received a nomination for "Best Dance Recording", but lost to Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger." 18 Feb. 2009 (last year), singing Gaga and Brandon Flowers from the rock band The Killers, on the stage with electronic dance music duo Pet Shop Boys on the 2009 (last year) BRIT Awards. Pet Shop Boys performed a medley of the biggest hits of their da Gaga and Flowers was on the last song, hit single from 1985 (25 years ago), "West End Girls."

20. Feb. 2009 (last year), reported Huliq News at Gaga donated tickets and meet with fans at each show on "Fame Ball" tour of her in the U.S. and Canada, to bring in money for Odyssey Charter School and primary schools in Los Angeles who had been affected by budget cuts. Bid on tickets and the meetings were begun 17 Feb. 2009 (last year) on eBay. The auction, run by Thanksgiving Auction Engine Management, was closed 26 Feb. 2009 (last year). Gaga's first North American tour, The Fame Ball Tour, started 12 Mar. 2009 (last year), and was appreciated by critics. Before that, Gaga promised his fans that they could expect plenty of drama from her upcoming performances. She said, "I look at what I do as an Andy Warhol-concept: popforestilling art, media, fashion, technology, video, film. When everything comes together, it's going to be a traveling museum show."

Gaga was to see almost naked on the cover of Rolling Stone in May 2009 (last year) number for the annual "Hot" list, which she only wore plastic bubbles.